Udaipur : Our very own the city of lakes

Ever wanted to take a boat ride and see the palaces floating on the lake?

Ever wanted to visit Venice but couldn't do so as neither you have had passport nor money?

Worry not, Pack you bags and head directly to Udaipur. You will be awestruck with the beauty of this place.

I have always have this habit of not wasting my long weekend rather I try to pack my bags and go on a short trip.

Since I very often give a visit to mountains so this time I thought why not try something else. And after pondering a bit I decided to visit Udaipur in Rajasthan, India which has lakes, forts and sunset points in the vicinity of the town.

I booked return train ticket from Delhi and made a booking in a backpacker hostel called Mustache.

I reached in Udaipur after travelling good 12 hours from Delhi. The first thing I did after landing was, searched the address of the hotel on google maps and walked all by myself to the venue.

Check In time was 12 pm and I reached there around 9 am.So i had to wait for 3 hours in the common area. One thing I love about hostels is, they have a very cool and cosy common area where you can have one of the best time of the day interacting with all the guests coming from all over the world.

At 12 pm I finally checked into my room. Usually in hostels you will get the map of the city which displays what are the things you must visit and how much distance it has from the hostel. I followed their map and the first place I chose to visit is City Palace which was just 200 meters away from the hostel. I have been to city palace in Jaipur and honestly I didn't like it but still I chose to give it a shot.The ticket is of 300 INR per adult.

I bought the ticket and headed toward the palace to explore it. I personally found this palace extremely beautiful. Structures are mesmerizing and aroma is above par. There is lake at back side called Pichola Lake where you can do boating which charges you around 450 INR per personn. I roamed around the palace for good 2-3 hours and came back to my hostel.

Then in the evening, the hotel staff made a plan to watch the sunset from the top of Udaipur called Karni Mata. He told me to come at the hostel around 4:30 which I obliged. Almost 10 people gathered mostly foreigners. few were from Austria, few were from London and few were from ofcourse India.

We started walking, It was 1.5 km ascending. You can take a cable car to reach to the top but we chose to go by foot. After reaching to the top, We visited the temple and started waiting for the sunset. You can actually view the whole Udaipur city from the top including famous Pichola Lake and lake palace. Finally I witnessed one of the best sunset of my life. It was gorgeous. All the wait was worth it.

I was totally oblivious about my day 2 in Udaipur. I was not able to decide where I could visit. Finally after so much pondering, I decided to visit chittorgarh fort which 115 km from Udaipur. I took roadways bus and it took me 3 hours to reach to the place. The reason I chose to visit this fort because the movie I watched a year back , Padmavati. I read the tale and was excited to know more about it.

chittorgarh fort is spread in long 10 km area. I hired an auto which took me to the fort and from one place to another inside the fort. I spent a good 2 hours there.

Honestly, I didn't like chittorgarh fort much as almost all the fort has been demolished and Indian government is not taking good care of it.

Instead of going to chittorgarh fort you can opt for others one day tour near Udaipur such as Ranakpur and kumbhalgarh fort.

In the night, I visited Ambrari Ghat which was near by hostel. Trust me it has one of the best view of the city palace and Pichola lake.

My last and final day in Udaipur , I already visited almost all the major tourist destinations of Udaipur. I was confused whether I should relax in my hostel and directly catch my train or find out some more places and have a visit to them. I chose latter.

I found out a place called Fatehsagar lake. I made a visit to this place. But this place should be visited in the evening and I was there in the afternoon. Back luck though. Don'n forget to try food at stalls near by the lake.

Finally I came back to my hostel and picked up my bag and headed towards the railway station. I had done almost all the things that needs to be done in Rajasthan but how can I forget to try authentic Rajasthani thali. I searched for the dining hall and found out Natraj dining hall is the best in this business. I reached that place but unfortunately  the closing time was 3:45 in the afternoon and I reached there around 4 pm. They denied the entry. I searched for other restaurant and found a near by called Gordhan. I went upstairs and had the thali. I found it average neither too good nor too bad.

Station was just 200 meters away so I walked up there and settled down on my birth.

Udaipur is a good and small beautiful place. But I personally found it not so budget friendly. You can enjoy more if you have more bucks to spend.


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