10 tips which might help you in planning your next trip outside your country

I made my passport in the year 2013 and it took me more than five years to get it stamped for the first time.But anyhow better late than never.

This year i.e 2019, I traveled to Thailand. In Thailand I visited Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. I never had been to any foreign land (except Nepal which is more or less like India) before this. I was clueless about almost everything be it their food or culture. I did research a bit on internet but still I faced lots of impediments in my short trip of seven days.

So today I will be sharing few tips which might help you in planning your next trip outside your country.

  1. Book your return flight tickets almost three months in advance. This will save you a lot of bucks.
  2. Book your hotel based on the customer review and try to book hotels near by airport or city as transportation cost is usually high at tourist destinations.
  3. Please carry snacks and ready to made food from your country as much as possible as every country has their own eating style which you might not like. And trust me you have to spend a lot on food in you country's authentic restaurant. 
  4. If you need to clear immigration process at the airport then carry the passport photo with the acceptable size. 
  5. If you are going to do some adventure activities then carry the basic gears like shorts,water proof bags,sunglasses from your country itself as you will get there at much higher rates.
  6. Scan your passport and keep a soft copy on your email as everybody recognize you from your passport only in foreign land.
  7. Buy a tourist sim card with unlimited internet as it will help you in finding places, location and doing whatsapp call to your loved ones.
  8. If you are less than three people then try to use local transport as much as possible as it will save you hell lot of  money which you can use in doing something else.
  9. Negotiate before purchasing any goods or services as locals there know you are a tourist and usually quote high prices.
  10.  Click as many pictures as you want but please don't forget to sit back and enjoy at the fullest as not all the time you will be there.

Happy Traveling!


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