To Travel is to Live

Have you ever contemplated, why some people yearn to travel so much? Even though they don’t have enough time, resources or money but still they arrange somehow and do it nevertheless.

I am referring here travelling not holiday where people, book flights, luxury hotels and adrenaline activities in advance.

I am talking about travelling to some outskirts which includes sleeping in tents or not so hygienic lodges, commuting in roadways buses, walking miles on foot, eating what is available and dealing with almost inaccessible internet and mobile networks.  

But still people do it, right?
Then what is the driving force? Why people are willing to take this much of discomfort and uncertainty?

One of the first reason is,
We love challenges in life and travelling brings that.
I still remember when the first time I went for trekking; I took it as a challenge. No matter what I will complete it.And I did complete it, I trekked up and down 26 km in the freezing temperature of -5 degree Celsius.Although it was not that easy but challenges what makes us resilient, right?

We all want an escape from hustle bustle of daily life every now and then. And travelling provides that.
When you go up to the hills and the fresh cold air of mountains touches your face or you walk near the beach and suddenly out of nowhere unadulterated water of the sea starts touching your feet. All the family problems, office politics and work load vanishes in that moment. You feel nothing but pure bliss and nirvana.

I believe best lessons of your life you learn from people. No books and courses can teach you that. And when you travel you get to interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. You teach them two cents of your wisdom and they teach theirs.  

Have you ever heard, A frog in a well story?
Where frog used to think that this world is confined to this well only and he needs not to explore more than this.
If you don’t travel, you are that frog.
Travelling expand your perspectives towards world and life. That will help you in becoming better human being in the long run.

In this modern world where people know everything about their favorite soccer player, celebrity, neighbors and colleagues.
But do we really know much about ourselves?
Or do we even ask this question in this busy schedule?

Travelling gives you this opportunity.
Travelling gives us the opportunity to contemplate.
It gives the opportunity to introspect.
Finally, it gives the opportunity to start fresh and improve.

So if you are a frequent traveler then keep doing it. And if by any chance you aren’t, Better late than never J


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