Mcleodganj , Himachal Pradesh : A perfect escape from the hustle bustle of big cities !

I very often ask this question to people : What do you like the most ? Mountains or beaches. They often get confuse and don't reply with surety.

But when it comes to me , mountains beat beaches hands down.  I have been to snowy mountains of Uttarakhand in the month of December and I have been to virgin beaches of Goa too. But nothing is more surreal and fresh than visiting a mountain. I think that's the reason I visit them so often.

The month of November 2018 was no exception, this time too I chose to visit mountain. I chose to visit Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh as I had only three days in hand so this seemed the best option. We were two people. we boarded the overnight bus from Majnu Ka Tila , Delhi and reached Mcleodganj in the early morning. We had three days to wander at this mesmerizing place. 

We had done the booking of the hotel in advance through OYO Roms. So after landing at Mcleodganj, We directly checked into hotel and opted to rest for few hours. We then decided to visit Bhagsu Nath which was just 2 km away from the hotel in which we were staying. Bhagsu nath has many things to offer be it waterfall  or Shiva cafe which is just few meters above the waterfall or breathtaking views of the mountain.

We roamed around the place till evening and came back to hotel. On the way you will find many shops where you can do some shopping. Prices will be bit high but you can purchase something as souvenir. 

I believe many people who visits Mcleodganj are not aware that you can do a summit as well and that summit is called Triund. Total distance of the trek is 6.5 km.I myself visited Mcleodganj in 2015 and went back without doing it as I didn't have any clue.

But this time I was not going to miss this.So our second day was allotted to do the summit.We left early in the morning around 8 am. Please leave as early as possible if you want to come back the same day. We faced scarcity of time while descending.

We hired a cab till galu which is almost 6 km from Mcleodganj and also the starting point of the trek. Cab will charge you 400 INR from Mcleodganj. We started climbing at 10.15 am. As we  progressed towards the summit, climb started becoming stiff.  Please carry the snacks from the city itself as you will get the things at very high price while trekking. We ate boiled maggi for 70 INR per plate . Can you believe that ?

One thing I want to point out here is that I have been to several treks but I found Triund trail the worst, reason being most of the treks I have been to was the mixture of unpaved roads and stones. But in Triund whole journey you have to pass by stepping feet on the stones which is more difficult and tiring but anyhow breathtaking views will compensate that.

It took us around 5 hours to ascend. Summit view is extremely wonderful. You will be speechless after gazing at the never ending mountains and valleys. 

Since we were already late so we only rested there for half an hour and started descending. It took us around 4 hours to descend and by 8 pm we were in our hotels.

Our day three was reserved for visiting local markets and monasteries. We checked out from our hotel around 12 pm and headed to Dalai lama temple.We spent some good two hours there. 

Don't forget to try flat noodles which you will get outside Dalai lama temple for 30 INR per plate.We then bought some souvenirs of Mcleodganj and tried other street foods.

We then boarded our bus to Delhi from Mcleodganj bus stand and reached Delhi next morning.

Mcleodganj is a small place you will fall in love with. I have been there two times and I don't mind visiting it again.


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